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Here you find some of the works of Captain Bill Robertson, the founder of Ron's Org:

If you want to know in detail what a Ron's Org is and where you can find Ron's Orgs, you will find the most precise information on the homepage of the Ron's Org Committee:

This is the homepage of Ron's Org Switzerland (German language only), where you also can find interesting information about the subject "Basics of Success" - a book introducing many of the fundamental data of Scientology:

Here you can find the homepage of Ron's Org Munich:

The STSS is a foundation that fights for religious freedom of Freezone Scientologists. On their homepage you can find a lot of interesting data regarding various subjects.

You can find the homepage of Dr. Stefan Spiering, a RO field auditor co-operating with us, under

In the Netherlands there are also some Ron's Org activities. You can find out more under (Forming Ron's Org Maasland).

In Sweden there are also people who can be contacted re Ron's Org, co-operating with us.
You can read about it here (in Swedish):

The Ron's Org Committee is a sort of umbrella organisation for the Ron's Org network. Here you can find more information:

If you are already familiar with Scientology and are especially interested in what makes the Ron's Org different from other Free Zone Organisations or from the Church of Scientology, you can find an interesting article by Marianne Hagen here:

The homepage run by the Freie Zone e.V. (Free Zone Association), containing an enormous amount of information about the Free Zone, the Church of Scientology and the history of the movement. One of the oldest and most encompassing internet sites in the Free Zone:

The story of a scientologist who for many years has been in the Church of Scientology before he step by step found out about the truth you can find under This report is interesting specifically for people who were or are in the Church of Scientology themselves as Robert Dam reports in a very understandable way about his personal experiences and his research into the matter.

If you are interested in the technology of Scientology, you can find various articles about the subject of Standard Tech and alterations in the Church of Scientology:

Extensive studies on subjects connected with the technology and the Church of Scientology have been put together by Michel Snoeck. You can find them here:

If you want to propose a homepage for our list, please send the recommendation together with a short description to: info (at) rons-org (Punkt) de